A resource rich county, the Royal family has holding all across the land, the families in charge of that area are considered vassals of the state. By law those families must enact and follow all the laws set out by the King. The families in the seven different locations are responsible for keeping the town and surrounding areas safe and also keep goods regulated. Taxes that are collected do not go into the families coffers, every year, the books and the money must make its way to the capital to be inspected. It is during this time that all family heads meet with the King. They discuss any new proposals for taxes , civil laws, etc., it is also during this time that should any subject who have grievances with the area’s head they can make complaints before King and Council.

Helvectia is the largest importer of Valtsaionian goods. Judos and Clayess are next due to size, but for the Islands size they also enjoy some of the prized herbs and stones.

The weather across Valtsaion is varied. The coldest point is Wintermill Pointe in the Northeast, and is one of three coldest points in all of Far-mella. Only in the throes of summer does Wintermill for a few weeks of grass and flowers. The Northwest areas tend to be forested, however the mountains that run along the south tends to keep most southern rains off the forests. It tends to be chilly but not overly wet. The South is a combination of rolling hills and plains. During the summer, the south tends to get a lot of rain which results in many floods. The only safe passage from the south to north during this time is Goldhollow Pass.


Capital: Manselia


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