“In Freedom there is Duty; In Duty there is Structure.”

This is the Campaign following the adventures of a group of innitiates to the Guild Onore. Please check back regularaly to read our Adventure logs and of course the ever expanding wiki!


Founded by Sir Hernandon Semperfi, an ex-military man of the Judos Army, who fought at the battle of what later became known as the “Last Push.” Semperfi was wounded in the battle, losing both right hand and right leg. With his military career ended, Semperfi knew he would need to find another way to support his wife and three children. Knowing only fighting and strategy, he turned to other war buddies who needed a new life outside of the military. He also put up adds in other countries. His vision, if it could be called that, was to offer services to those who needed protection, labor or anything else that paid well.

Liking the idea of the guild several veterans of the war join Semperfi. First was Valdof Erkak and his wife and children. He was Dwarf who fought alongside Valtsaion’s forced in the Faction War. While not maimed like Semperfi, he came away from the war with a weary heart. Originally a blacksmith he wished to retire to a life where the only thing that mattered was his craft, his wife however, Sibak Erkak wished to put her hammer to use, and was willing to be a ‘soldier of fortune.’ Semperfi always tried to correct her term for the job, but after several years of working with the woman gave up.

Not long behind the Erkak’s came an Elf and Eladrin couple with their one child, while followers of the nature faction, they had not been able to make it to the Mynad to be take away by the Gods. Needing a job, they came to Semperfi. Originally Semperfi did not want them to join, but their knowledge in the arts of magic and medicine quickly won him over. Aranion Werladal, an Elf of nearly 160 years, was a practiced wizard and his wife, T├íriel Werladal, an Eldarin nearly about the same age was a cleric of Melora and knew herbs and healing. And As often as he and Sibak got hurt, they needed her. They quickly became accepted and loved members of the Guild.

For about 5 years it was only the Semperfi’s, Erkaks and the Werladals, before a Minotaur from the Islands showed up at the Guilds door. Strong Hoof, while no War Vet, he offered skills that not many could offer. Strong Hoof, was a skilled and strong warrior, his two Wives and four children, were practiced makers of goods such as weavings and pottery, allowing for more income to the Guild. Strong Hoof wished to prove himself in way that no other Minotaur had thought to do before. While Semperfi had no rules against leaving the Guild willingly, he had did not want the Guild to be a way for Minotaurs to get into pissing matches with one another. However, Semperfi’s fears were unfounded, for once Strong Hoof and his family settled in they began the Strong Hoof Herd, Which is the only Herd outside of the Islands.

A few months later, the Gnome family Tiddyn and Ysass with their child joined the Guild. As skilled stealth artists Semperfi was eager to welcome them into the Guild. Last to join the guild was Lady Constellation. A tiefling with ties back to the Royal Tiefling Family. Constellation, widow of the Fallen Hero Forbearance, joined the guild, needing a place where she and her children could be free of disdain and snide remarks that her family was placing upon her. While no fighter, she was a skilled Politian and offered the members of the guild an education in the political games that often befell societies. Her children, Wisdom, a quiet and reserved young man, was a skilled hunter and her daughter, Sky was a practiced Sorcerer. Sky and Aranion became fast friends.

Since the founding Families, there have been youngsters and families alike wishing to join the Guild. The Guild is a large keep off the shores of Bluefair Lake in Halvectia. There are several Wings, allowing for families to maintain some degree of privacy. There is a small staff who lives in the guild, who are not Guild members, but they cook for the Guild members, keep clean the common areas, and also clean the guest wings. They also maintain the flow of good from the services provided by the Guild members, weapons from the Blacksmith, cloth and cookery from the Minotaurs and even spells and charms offered from the magicians in the fold.

The Guild Onore

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