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  • Mirwen

    An Eladrin of nearly 260 years, Mirwen was widowed at the young age of 139. Since then she has been on her own. She has no children, and the only companion she confides in is the captain of her gaurd, Baldwin Adven. Because of her relative issolation …

  • Joanna Hamond

    A young woman who is practicale and fair, she has taken over the day to day operations of her familial home in Dragonsborrow. With her Brother, Charles, in the capital and her father and mother laied up in bed from illness or senility, Joanna has had to …

  • Charles Hamond

    Now that his father is ill, Charles had become increasingly active in Council Politics in the capital. He is a gentle man, with a sense of humor, and it currently on the hunt for a wife.

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