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  • Zebina

    Aunt of Galvanik, a wizened old Gnome, Zebina is well studied in the matter of demons. She tends to find Tieflings to be an interesting subject for study, so much so she has a habbit of staring at the Tieflings in the Guild.

  • Sadron Werladal

    Brother to Verinas, he is a chipper fellow who enjoys painting. He likes to say that his wife, [[:hemisphere | Hemisphere ]], is his muse. He recently married the young Tiefling and now they are embarking on a journey of family life as they are expecting …

  • Hemisphere

    Sister to Mercy, Hemishpere is the polar opposite of her sister, vital and full of life. She abhores fighting, and sometimes makes herself sick with worry over her sister and her parents welfare as they are members of the Guild. However, with her recent …

  • Agnete Petrusch

    The Petruschs moved to the Northern most tip of Judos while looking for the perfect home. Within only a few months of moving in and settling into a routine Salome laid her first and only Egg. It was something short of a miracle, as a young child she …

  • Drataron Werladal

    A studious and private man, Drataron is a grouch of a man. He is a great wizard, and is contastly seeking to improve his ablitilies. The last time he was seen socially was at his nephew's wedding, and he openly disaproved of [[:sadron-werladal | Sadron]] …

  • Salome Patrusch

    Layed a single egg which hatch to reveal her twin daughters, Kiva and [[:agnete-petrusch | Agnete]]. She is a simple woman who sufferes from sever arthristis in her hips because of an accident when she was younger. She is married to Symon and they work on …

  • Symon Petrusch

    Married [[:salome-patrusch | Salome Patrusch]], and had two daughters, Kiva and [[:agnete-petrusch | Agnete Petrusch]]. He is a strong and steady man with much to give thanks for.

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