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  • Dragonsborrow

    One of seven Dukedoms under the Kind of [[Judos]]. Here the family keep, Downscreek Keep, of the Hamonds is located. The current Duke is Simon Hamond, and his wife, Duchess Rosamund Victoria Hamond. However, with both the duke and duchess ill, their …

  • Salome Patrusch

    Layed a single egg which hatch to reveal her twin daughters, Kiva and [[:agnete-petrusch | Agnete]]. She is a simple woman who sufferes from sever arthristis in her hips because of an accident when she was younger. She is married to Symon and they work on …

  • Symon Petrusch

    Married [[:salome-patrusch | Salome Patrusch]], and had two daughters, Kiva and [[:agnete-petrusch | Agnete Petrusch]]. He is a strong and steady man with much to give thanks for.

  • Joanna Hamond

    A young woman who is practicale and fair, she has taken over the day to day operations of her familial home in Dragonsborrow. With her Brother, Charles, in the capital and her father and mother laied up in bed from illness or senility, Joanna has had to …

  • Charles Hamond

    Now that his father is ill, Charles had become increasingly active in Council Politics in the capital. He is a gentle man, with a sense of humor, and it currently on the hunt for a wife.

  • Elvat Gresly

    Born because of the indisgreation of the Duke of Dragonsborrow, he fell into his mother's station in life and became a slave of the Hamond household. The Duke was not cruel to either Elvat or his mother, infact, he kept the woman well cared for until she …

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