The Guild Onore

Pieces - Part 2

Introductory Video

There is a new Poem around the base of the fountain.

Peace is of the Heart
A Pipers tune
Captures a muse
The heart once true
The trust betrayed
retune the dissonance
Restore the song

The group go through the next door, labeled two. They find themselves at the base of a large tree, it is taller and wider than all the trees around it. Everyone can feel a humming sensation around them from the sheer amount of magic that is present in the air. At the base of the tree will be two figures, one is Galvanik the other is someone only Galvanik recognizes, Max Piper.

The group briefly has a discussion with the two before the two walk into the tree. The group follows the Alternate Galvanik and Max Piper, they find themselves on level one where they must complete a puzzle to move on to level two.

On level two, they were judged.

on level three, they fought max and alternate Galvanik. Retrieved the charm needed, and were whisked away to the fountain.

Pieces - Part I

This is set after a month of the party being on sabatical.

After the group is once again back at the guild, they are almost immedaitely transported to a place, that none of them have ever seen. Qwuibe appears to them and tells thems that he has entrapped their mind in this dream and he will watch as their bodies slowly dye from starvation. The group continues into a large room with a fountain on it, a dragon will be on it and from it’s mouth the water will pour. There are five different pedastals around the fountain that have nothing on them on the floor around the fountain is a poem:

Peace is of the Heart
The Reflection untrue
shatter, Inner self Renewed
Untested Wits
Find their fit
Heart’s Fire
Reveal its desire

When they enter a door, they find themselves out of the sterile white room and in a courtyard, Kiva reconizes it as the temple of Kord that she went to, to train. in the courtyard is the monk she trained with along with a copy of herself. a fight breaks out between the alternate Kiva and a few monks and the party. Upon winning, Alternate Kiva vanishes leaving behind a small egg (as if for a figurine). when they enter the temple, they find that it’s really a cavern.

They can only go forward, however, as they walk everyone but Kiva disapears. Kiva eventually falls into a large ‘bowl’ where the rest of her compatriots are located, tied together. They are forced to move quickly, as a large bolder is tumbaling down. After the climb out, barely missing being crushed, they find a small sword, after picking it up and walking on they find themselves in a fancy hall.

All are dressed to the nines, they find a party in full swing. Any questions asked about who the party is for or where they are is avoided by vauge answers.

Kiva finds herself in the company of Elvat Gresly once again. After lost of questions and with frustrations building, Dave pushes Elvat off a balcony.

A young Elf who seems to have some realization that this is a dream attaches herself to Varinas.

Mercy dances with another Teifling and has plans of trying to kill him with a knife and fork in her garter (We think)

Eventually Kiva kisses Elvat and they find themselves back in the white room with the fountain, Kiva is holding a rose. They assemble the parts and find a spot for the completed figure. There are four doors left.

Group Dynamics

It’s been a week since the last murder, Ridla Erkak has been burried and her loss mourned. The Group is having a normal day but that all changed when the all wake up suddenly in a dark and cavernous room. They are naked and chained from the neck and wrists to the ground around a fire pit. Above the fire pit is a stalactite it ends in a smooth round tip as opposed to a point. Not long after they wake, men and women, all wearing long cloaks that cover their faces, enter the room. They begin to chant:

“The soul born to those
who pledge their lives and sacred honor:
Was smiled upon by the Gods
and freed from chains and iron collar,
He is held aloft on unity
And by history revered;
For preserving peace,
his words now spread across two hundred years.
But for each of those, and one year more,
The Gods have smiled upon the Guild
From the Tundra coast
To the Desert Sands,
By sword, by bow, or by bare hands.
So its been, and shall be weighed:
Though many are born
Few are “MADE
Faithful always, they shall remain
Those Souls to loose when war is waged"

From the many voices, one voice will call out to the group: “Face this test and find out if you are worthy to be a part of we who stand between choas and peace. Prove yourself to us young ones; prove that you can choose the right path.”

The fire in the pit will be lit and a thick billious smoke will rise causing the group to pass out again.

When they awake they are in the Guild hall.

Mercy will appear to the group as two beings, one is a glorified version of herself in battle, armor of the blackest feathers, a mask that resembles a raven her scythe at the ready. The other clinging to the leg of the warrior is a small child like version of herself, she is shy and unsure and dressed in a simple white gown. Her skin glows slightly.

Another tiefling will appear and speak with Mercy. Her name is Fullfilled. She gives Mercy a task to end the life of her sister Hemisphere.

Mercy takes it all in stride and eventually decided to run away. She leaves the other members of her party in the dark of her decision. She makes her escape out the window of ther room, the moment she hits the ground in the courtyard below the scene changes.

They are once again all together, Galvanik will appear differently this time, his body appears to be made of wood. His hair of wire and if once were to strike his abdomine, it would sound like a drum. They find them selves back in the barracks over the dead body ofAkaio Mavry. Quickly events fold out the same as they did before, however, when brought before the King, Galvanik will be unable to speak and the group will have to pick up the slack. They talk themselves out of a bad situation again and as soon as they do, they promptly find themselves in a new place.

They are in the caverns from Mynad, the skeletons are everywhere, however, Verinas will appear with books and scrools and pens floating around him. around his neck is a heavy chain that coils around a box that holds a globe of puling energy. Through the entire battle, Verinas never once attacks with his powers, he hits things with his staff, but that is it.

Eventually the scene shifts again and this time ther are in a dark forest, it’s snowing. Dave appears normal except for the fact that he has little detail, his outlined his blurred as if he has yet to come into focus.

They will find themselves near a tent, when they walk in, Dave will see his family. The quiet of the night is broken by a surprise attack on the tent. They are unable to defend against the attack and save Lindara Saeldur from being captured.

For the final time the scene shifts and they find themselves in front of a quaint house, Kiva reconizes it as her childhood home. When Kiva knocks on the door she is greeted by her parents, Salome Patrusch and Symon Petrusch, the group is eagerly invited in. However as they settle in to have tea, there is a knock at the door. Salome goes to anwser it, every clearly hears a women beraide the female dragonborn. the group decends upon the woman and more or less intimidate her into leaving Salome and Symon alone.

The last thing before they return to the waking world is to admit a single truth about themselves. Some of the group tell the truth, others lie. As they come to they are branded, and for the most part that five of them immediately pass out from the pain. When they come to for the final time, they are dressed in robes similar to the men and women from earlier. They will be greeted as full guild members.

When Death Knocks on your Door

After spending several weeks with the Orcs, Tor-tus will lead you to the boat to take you home, after that you are on your own. On the road back to the Guild the party encounters an elder woman being attacked by wolves. The party saves her, she escapes with a few minor cuts and brusies but is other wise unharmed. When she discovers that you are from the Guild she will ask to join you, as she seeks the Guild and its library. She is a travler seeking information. She tell the party that her name is Lantry.

The Group escorts her to the Guild, they are greeted by Sally May Simperfi, she is pleased with their report and sends them on their way. They Are greeted by family and friends and asked to join them for dinner.

Galvanik will join his Aunt Zebina, where he wil regail them of tales of the Orcs.

Mercy and Verinas will be pulled to join their families for dinner by Sadron Werladal and Hemisphere. Hempisphere makes the annocement that she and Sadron are expecting their first child!

Agnete will invite Dave and Kiva to join her and Valerio Triolo.

After dinner everyone retries to their respective bed rooms, and while everyone is getting ready for bed, an explosion rocks the Guild. Upon investigation The tower belonging to Drataron Werladal has suffered major damage, the whole top floor is more or less in ruins. The party run to investigate, what they find is that someone had forced entry into the tower, injected Drataron with something which killed him. They speculate that his death was made to look like an accident since he was in the middle of learning a new spell.

During Drataron’s funeral, Agnete will mention that Valerio did not show up. When they go to investage, they find his throat slashed open and the bloody knife in his hand. Upon further investagation they find that, he too, was poisioned and his death was made to look like a suicide.

The group is suspcious of the stranger. They follow her, stick close to her, for nearly two weeks nothing happens. One day in the library, Lantry alerts the group to another death. Ridla, one of the older women of the guild is found crushed under a book shelf. the investigation reveals much of the same evidence, that she was poisioned before having the book shelf crush her. The party confronts the old women, revealing that she is controled by a long-ago thought dead foe, Qwuibe. They fight and destroy the necklace around Lantry’s neck. Upon the destruction of the wriath that inhabitted the necklace, Lantry’s form shifts to that of a young elven woman. Dave immdiately reconizes her as his long lost sister, Lindara Saeldur. With the Wriath destroyed the killings stop.

When the Spirits Sing

Once again the party is called to a meeting with Sally May, in the Guild hall. She will introduce you to Tor-tus E’rakack, a half-orc shaman. She will tell you that she has great respect for the Guild and wishes you add in helping her with a problem that threatens to end her clan’s exsistance. Her clan has been possessed by spirits. She has remained unaffected by the roaming ghosts because of her connection to the spirit world already. The Disturbance, she believes to be coming from the burrial grounds of her people, how ever, law and religion dictates that she cannot enter. She is always afraid that she alone would not be strong enough to fix the problem. If the group agrees to take the task she will pay the guild a months worth of Mithril from the mines and the group can keep anything they may find in the tombs.

You are expected to leave in three days time, Talia Semperfi will provide horses for you all to ride to the port that houses the boat that will take you to Tor-tus’ clan lands in Southern Mynad.

They will travel by boat, and when they disembark from the boat they captain tell them that he will be back in a few weeks time. Tor-tus leads you to the location of the distrubance and lets you go forth.

The group finds many risen from the dead, they slay the undead and find the sorce of the trouble, a young human woman by the name of Merios Kent. They defeat her in battle, however they do not slay her. When they face the world again, they are greetly kindly by the E’rakack Clan. The Kent girl, however, is beheaded the next day.

Raids and Taxes

Sally May Simperfi will call together the entire Guild into the Hall. You will be shipping out to Valtsaion where all members of the Guild, both experienced members and innitaties will be going. Sally May explains that, normally under these circumstances, initiates would not be allowed to go since the mission requires dealing with Nobles. Considering the scope of the mission, it is deemed a nessasary risk. She explains that everyone will be divided into teams and be sent to a different location.

The rumors circulating amongst the court of King Akaio, monarch of Valtsaion, is that during the yearly ‘migration’ of the taxes from outter lying lands to the capital, that there will be a raid on the caravans to steal the money. The King has hired the guild to act as an extra layer of protection. The party’s team will be going to Wintermill Pointe to meet with Baroness Mirwen

But First a test of the initiates skills, the party against the five other innitaties. After the fight the innitaties are given a coin with the guild crest on it, this will identify you as belonging to the Guild.

When they arrive almost a month later at Wintermill, they ask the local constabulary to speak with the Baroness, they are bushed off, however when they show the gaurd their coins they are directed to the keep where they meet Baldwin Adven, the Head of the Gaurd, and the Baroness. Mirwen breifs the party on the paln to move the gold to the Capital of Manselia. When everything is said and done she dismisses them to continue on with her day.

Travel will be long, it will take nearly four months travel from Wintermill to Manselia. On the third month of travel they do run into an ambush, after the fight, Baldwin determins that 15 of his men are missing or dead, however due to the circumstances they cannot spare anyone to look for them. A few days later, a few men show up wounded.

When the group arrives at the castle, they are reunited with the rest of the guild, they report being ambushed as well, but one ever stole any money. The group and the rest of the Guild will be escorted by Akaio Mavry to see the King. The King thanks them for their service and invited them to stay a few days to recoup on their journey before returnning home.

After dinner, Mavry and Mercy start up a polite conversation which eventually winds up in Mavry asking Mercy if she’d like to join him at the tavern later that evening for a drink. When he escorts her back to her room they end the evening with a little kiss.

Later that evening, there is a scream in the hall way outside the party goes to invstigate. They find a young maid who is spwarled out on the floor uncouncious, they called another maid to her aid while they follow some muddy prints back to where they came from. They arrive at the solider’s barraks, and find them in an uproar. The Captain of the Royal Gaurd, Mavry is dead. The Party managed to restore order, but only to be arrested by a new group for the murder of the Captain. The group is taken before the King, but the group manages to talk their way out of being thrown in the dungeoun. As they are uncuffed a arrow is let loose from the rafters and it misses the king. Just in time, Mercy throws herself on the king, preventing him from being shot a second time. A fight break out, and the interlopers are killed. The King, ever thankful, rewards the group for their services.


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