Sally May Simperfi

Unofficial Guild Leader


Born in 1510, Sally May is the first of three children. Even though she has two brothers, no one ever accuses Sally May of being a soft or weak person. Her Mother, Annie, was a Guild memeber and she was tougher in her disapline than their father ever was. Even though she always knew she’d be returning to the Guild, Sally May decided to go to the World Academy to learn about war stratagy and diplomacy. When she returned to the Guild, she found her brother Hector waiting for her, and easily fell under her leadership.

After a few years of running errends for the Guild she was made full Guild Memeber, and became the unnoffical Guild Leader for her generation of members.

When she turned 20 she married Franks Wright, and three years later she gave birth to their first child Jansen, and three years after Jansen came their daughter, Lani. Her Son followed in her foot steps wishing to carry on the legacy of their family and join the Guild.

While Sally May loves her daughter, she finds the young woman hard to get along with; Sally May is a tough logical person, Lani is whimsical and soft hearted. When Jansen and Sally Man disscuss the action they see while on missions, Lani becomes easily moved to tears or anger over their lack of control or inablity to see reason. Franks seems to be the only one who can provide a buffer between his wife and child.

Sally May Simperfi

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