Nieva Strong Hoof


Neiva had never been outside of the herd grounds, except to play with the other children in the Guild. Her life has been one of joy and contentment. She has many brothers and sisters, and her father’s many wives have always been kind to her.

But like in all tribes, there are rites which she had to pass to assure her status as adult. Neiva was asked to leave the tribe, to survive on her own and when she found the thing that defined who she was she could come back to the herd.

Life in the desert is hard, even harder when you don’t have other’s helping to feed and water you. Neiva struggled, but eventually when she learned to watch those creatures in the wild, she found water, she found food and soon she even found herself in the company of an older half orc. She was a strange woman, always talking about the spirits around you. Neiva didn’t mind her company, if anything Tor-tus told great stories of her exploits and even the story as to how she came to enjoy the spirits company.

Eventually Neiva found herself on the most eastern coast of Halvectia. Tor-tus told Neiva that shamans have powerful gifts and that if she were willing to learn Tor-tus would teach her. She eagerly welcomed the advice and found herself on a journey that wasn’t so much physical as it was mental. As a young minotaur, Neiva had been told the only spirits that existed where her ancestors. So to learn that spirits existed purely to be an essence of nature was rather disconcerting. She found that there was one particular spirit who always joined her, and it was a snake. The snake is ruby colored with emerald eyes. A symbol of wisdom and change, Neiva took this as a good sign and welcomed the spirit into her heart.

She spent night upon night learning to share her heart with the ruby skinned emerald eyed snake so that it could manifest itself in the real world. The Half Orc was pleased with Neiva and her progress. On the night of the last full moon before Winter began Tor-tus told you she must return to her people. “I was to be your guide to your spirit, but now your Spirit will guide you better than I in learning how to be a shaman.” And with little more than a ‘fare you well’ she departed.

Neiva knew she had to return to your herd, a new minotaur stood where a child had once been. On her way back to her tribe she went through towns and villages. In one town, yshe decided to stay in an Inn, she had earned some coin from helping a farmer with some labor in the town back. While eating her dinner that night Neiva noticed a young bar maid being harassed by some drunken men. While she tried to fend off their advances, it was not enough. Disgusted by such behavior, Neiva lurched to help. You inserted yourself between the barmaid and the men, she seemed mildly confused while the men were beyond angry. When started to become violent, Neiva showed them what it meant to face her, and the ruby skinned, emerald eyed snake manifested it’s self. Needless to say a snake that could swallow a minotaurs head frightened them. They left the inn in a rush. Neiva didn’t say anything to the barmaid, afraid she might be afraid. But she showed her gratitude in the form of an extra bowl of hash and water.

When Neiva returned home, she was eager to tell her father. He was proud but also a little puzzled, never had there before been a shaman in the Strong Hoof herd. When she reunited with some of her friends she heard tales similar to hers, one of self discovery and a desire to help those who cannot help themselves. Like many in her tribe before her, she asked to join the Guild. Neiva was eagerly welcomed, shamans were rare warriors indeed.


Nieva Strong Hoof

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