Agnete Petrusch

Dragonborn Barbarian


The Petruschs moved to the Northern most tip of Judos while looking for the perfect

home. Within only a few months of moving in and settling into a routine Salome laid her first and only Egg. It was something short of a miracle, as a young child she had been in a terrible accident that had left her terribly disfigured from the waist down and many healers believed she would never be able to bear eggs. Months passed before there was ever signed that the Egg was to hatch. Salome and Symon stayed by their egg all night and day before it finally hatch. What they saw beyond any dream, they had been blessed by twins. Born from the same egg.

Even among a town of non dragonborns, many were surprised and happy for the young dragonborn couple. As Agnete grew, it became apparent that while she was indeed a twin, not everything about her and her sister was going to be identical. Being the only dragonborns in her village, her parents pressed upon her at a young age that she must be careful, as she was stronger and faster than the smaller humans and elves.

Between she and her twin, Agnete grew bigger while her twin never seemed to catch the same growth spurt. And the apparent lack of visible muscles made Kiva vulnerable to ridicule and teasing. Yet, Agnete held in her anger, she had been trained so well and she knew that if she lashed out she could kill someone. So she watched, and she tried to protect her twin, but she soon discovered threats and posturing could only get her so far.

Around her 15th birthday, Agnete and Kiva’s parents blessed them to go out into the world and find a job they wanted. In their eyes their girls were an adult. So Agnete set out, and after much consideration she decided that she wanted to ask the Blacksmith to apprentice her. He gladly accepted, saying he could use another pair of strong arms. It was a productive day, and very rewarding in her eyes, she could feel the strain in the muscles from the days work. As she left, she could barely wait to share yher day with Kiva. But when she reached Kiva’s place of employment, what she saw turned her blood cold.

The local gang of thugs had decided to use Kiva as a punching bag, her twin lay on the ground, arms covering her head while her knees and tail curled around in the fetal position. Agnete felt the rage she had held in all her life boil over, and there was no stopping it. The most primal of powers rip through her body giving her the strength to take on an army, or so it seemed. She grabbed a display table from outside the local florist shop and used it as a battering shield to remove the offending bodies from off her twin.

The fight and the anger toward these pathetic creatures fueled Agnete and nothing could stop her. Until, something did. When her head finally cleared there stood Kiva, using the shattered table as a shield to defend the thugs from Agnete’s rage. So taken back and confused was Agnete, how could Kiva defend those who had beat her so? But Kiva simply replied to your obvious distress, “If you killed them, then you would be no better than them, and I don’t want that.”

Knowing that the two of you could never stay in the village after Agnete’s bout of anger, the Twins decided to set off to find better fortunes and a place where Agnete could learn to harness her rage. The Guild welcomed both sibling in with open arms.

Agnete Petrusch

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