The Guild Onore

When the Spirits Sing

Once again the party is called to a meeting with Sally May, in the Guild hall. She will introduce you to Tor-tus E’rakack, a half-orc shaman. She will tell you that she has great respect for the Guild and wishes you add in helping her with a problem that threatens to end her clan’s exsistance. Her clan has been possessed by spirits. She has remained unaffected by the roaming ghosts because of her connection to the spirit world already. The Disturbance, she believes to be coming from the burrial grounds of her people, how ever, law and religion dictates that she cannot enter. She is always afraid that she alone would not be strong enough to fix the problem. If the group agrees to take the task she will pay the guild a months worth of Mithril from the mines and the group can keep anything they may find in the tombs.

You are expected to leave in three days time, Talia Semperfi will provide horses for you all to ride to the port that houses the boat that will take you to Tor-tus’ clan lands in Southern Mynad.

They will travel by boat, and when they disembark from the boat they captain tell them that he will be back in a few weeks time. Tor-tus leads you to the location of the distrubance and lets you go forth.

The group finds many risen from the dead, they slay the undead and find the sorce of the trouble, a young human woman by the name of Merios Kent. They defeat her in battle, however they do not slay her. When they face the world again, they are greetly kindly by the E’rakack Clan. The Kent girl, however, is beheaded the next day.


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