The Guild Onore

Pieces - Part I

This is set after a month of the party being on sabatical.

After the group is once again back at the guild, they are almost immedaitely transported to a place, that none of them have ever seen. Qwuibe appears to them and tells thems that he has entrapped their mind in this dream and he will watch as their bodies slowly dye from starvation. The group continues into a large room with a fountain on it, a dragon will be on it and from it’s mouth the water will pour. There are five different pedastals around the fountain that have nothing on them on the floor around the fountain is a poem:

Peace is of the Heart
The Reflection untrue
shatter, Inner self Renewed
Untested Wits
Find their fit
Heart’s Fire
Reveal its desire

When they enter a door, they find themselves out of the sterile white room and in a courtyard, Kiva reconizes it as the temple of Kord that she went to, to train. in the courtyard is the monk she trained with along with a copy of herself. a fight breaks out between the alternate Kiva and a few monks and the party. Upon winning, Alternate Kiva vanishes leaving behind a small egg (as if for a figurine). when they enter the temple, they find that it’s really a cavern.

They can only go forward, however, as they walk everyone but Kiva disapears. Kiva eventually falls into a large ‘bowl’ where the rest of her compatriots are located, tied together. They are forced to move quickly, as a large bolder is tumbaling down. After the climb out, barely missing being crushed, they find a small sword, after picking it up and walking on they find themselves in a fancy hall.

All are dressed to the nines, they find a party in full swing. Any questions asked about who the party is for or where they are is avoided by vauge answers.

Kiva finds herself in the company of Elvat Gresly once again. After lost of questions and with frustrations building, Dave pushes Elvat off a balcony.

A young Elf who seems to have some realization that this is a dream attaches herself to Varinas.

Mercy dances with another Teifling and has plans of trying to kill him with a knife and fork in her garter (We think)

Eventually Kiva kisses Elvat and they find themselves back in the white room with the fountain, Kiva is holding a rose. They assemble the parts and find a spot for the completed figure. There are four doors left.


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