The Guild Onore

Pieces - Part 2

Introductory Video

There is a new Poem around the base of the fountain.

Peace is of the Heart
A Pipers tune
Captures a muse
The heart once true
The trust betrayed
retune the dissonance
Restore the song

The group go through the next door, labeled two. They find themselves at the base of a large tree, it is taller and wider than all the trees around it. Everyone can feel a humming sensation around them from the sheer amount of magic that is present in the air. At the base of the tree will be two figures, one is Galvanik the other is someone only Galvanik recognizes, Max Piper.

The group briefly has a discussion with the two before the two walk into the tree. The group follows the Alternate Galvanik and Max Piper, they find themselves on level one where they must complete a puzzle to move on to level two.

On level two, they were judged.

on level three, they fought max and alternate Galvanik. Retrieved the charm needed, and were whisked away to the fountain.


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