The Guild Onore

Raids and Taxes

Sally May Simperfi will call together the entire Guild into the Hall. You will be shipping out to Valtsaion where all members of the Guild, both experienced members and innitaties will be going. Sally May explains that, normally under these circumstances, initiates would not be allowed to go since the mission requires dealing with Nobles. Considering the scope of the mission, it is deemed a nessasary risk. She explains that everyone will be divided into teams and be sent to a different location.

The rumors circulating amongst the court of King Akaio, monarch of Valtsaion, is that during the yearly ‘migration’ of the taxes from outter lying lands to the capital, that there will be a raid on the caravans to steal the money. The King has hired the guild to act as an extra layer of protection. The party’s team will be going to Wintermill Pointe to meet with Baroness Mirwen

But First a test of the initiates skills, the party against the five other innitaties. After the fight the innitaties are given a coin with the guild crest on it, this will identify you as belonging to the Guild.

When they arrive almost a month later at Wintermill, they ask the local constabulary to speak with the Baroness, they are bushed off, however when they show the gaurd their coins they are directed to the keep where they meet Baldwin Adven, the Head of the Gaurd, and the Baroness. Mirwen breifs the party on the paln to move the gold to the Capital of Manselia. When everything is said and done she dismisses them to continue on with her day.

Travel will be long, it will take nearly four months travel from Wintermill to Manselia. On the third month of travel they do run into an ambush, after the fight, Baldwin determins that 15 of his men are missing or dead, however due to the circumstances they cannot spare anyone to look for them. A few days later, a few men show up wounded.

When the group arrives at the castle, they are reunited with the rest of the guild, they report being ambushed as well, but one ever stole any money. The group and the rest of the Guild will be escorted by Akaio Mavry to see the King. The King thanks them for their service and invited them to stay a few days to recoup on their journey before returnning home.

After dinner, Mavry and Mercy start up a polite conversation which eventually winds up in Mavry asking Mercy if she’d like to join him at the tavern later that evening for a drink. When he escorts her back to her room they end the evening with a little kiss.

Later that evening, there is a scream in the hall way outside the party goes to invstigate. They find a young maid who is spwarled out on the floor uncouncious, they called another maid to her aid while they follow some muddy prints back to where they came from. They arrive at the solider’s barraks, and find them in an uproar. The Captain of the Royal Gaurd, Mavry is dead. The Party managed to restore order, but only to be arrested by a new group for the murder of the Captain. The group is taken before the King, but the group manages to talk their way out of being thrown in the dungeoun. As they are uncuffed a arrow is let loose from the rafters and it misses the king. Just in time, Mercy throws herself on the king, preventing him from being shot a second time. A fight break out, and the interlopers are killed. The King, ever thankful, rewards the group for their services.


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