The Guild Onore

It’s been a week since the last murder, Ridla Erkak has been burried and her loss mourned. The Group is having a normal day but that all changed when the all wake up suddenly in a dark and cavernous room. They are naked and chained from the neck and wrists to the ground around a fire pit. Above the fire pit is a stalactite it ends in a smooth round tip as opposed to a point. Not long after they wake, men and women, all wearing long cloaks that cover their faces, enter the room. They begin to chant:

“The soul born to those
who pledge their lives and sacred honor:
Was smiled upon by the Gods
and freed from chains and iron collar,
He is held aloft on unity
And by history revered;
For preserving peace,
his words now spread across two hundred years.
But for each of those, and one year more,
The Gods have smiled upon the Guild
From the Tundra coast
To the Desert Sands,
By sword, by bow, or by bare hands.
So its been, and shall be weighed:
Though many are born
Few are “MADE
Faithful always, they shall remain
Those Souls to loose when war is waged"

From the many voices, one voice will call out to the group: “Face this test and find out if you are worthy to be a part of we who stand between choas and peace. Prove yourself to us young ones; prove that you can choose the right path.”

The fire in the pit will be lit and a thick billious smoke will rise causing the group to pass out again.

When they awake they are in the Guild hall.

Mercy will appear to the group as two beings, one is a glorified version of herself in battle, armor of the blackest feathers, a mask that resembles a raven her scythe at the ready. The other clinging to the leg of the warrior is a small child like version of herself, she is shy and unsure and dressed in a simple white gown. Her skin glows slightly.

Another tiefling will appear and speak with Mercy. Her name is Fullfilled. She gives Mercy a task to end the life of her sister Hemisphere.

Mercy takes it all in stride and eventually decided to run away. She leaves the other members of her party in the dark of her decision. She makes her escape out the window of ther room, the moment she hits the ground in the courtyard below the scene changes.

They are once again all together, Galvanik will appear differently this time, his body appears to be made of wood. His hair of wire and if once were to strike his abdomine, it would sound like a drum. They find them selves back in the barracks over the dead body ofAkaio Mavry. Quickly events fold out the same as they did before, however, when brought before the King, Galvanik will be unable to speak and the group will have to pick up the slack. They talk themselves out of a bad situation again and as soon as they do, they promptly find themselves in a new place.

They are in the caverns from Mynad, the skeletons are everywhere, however, Verinas will appear with books and scrools and pens floating around him. around his neck is a heavy chain that coils around a box that holds a globe of puling energy. Through the entire battle, Verinas never once attacks with his powers, he hits things with his staff, but that is it.

Eventually the scene shifts again and this time ther are in a dark forest, it’s snowing. Dave appears normal except for the fact that he has little detail, his outlined his blurred as if he has yet to come into focus.

They will find themselves near a tent, when they walk in, Dave will see his family. The quiet of the night is broken by a surprise attack on the tent. They are unable to defend against the attack and save Lindara Saeldur from being captured.

For the final time the scene shifts and they find themselves in front of a quaint house, Kiva reconizes it as her childhood home. When Kiva knocks on the door she is greeted by her parents, Salome Patrusch and Symon Petrusch, the group is eagerly invited in. However as they settle in to have tea, there is a knock at the door. Salome goes to anwser it, every clearly hears a women beraide the female dragonborn. the group decends upon the woman and more or less intimidate her into leaving Salome and Symon alone.

The last thing before they return to the waking world is to admit a single truth about themselves. Some of the group tell the truth, others lie. As they come to they are branded, and for the most part that five of them immediately pass out from the pain. When they come to for the final time, they are dressed in robes similar to the men and women from earlier. They will be greeted as full guild members.


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