The Guild Onore

When Death Knocks on your Door

After spending several weeks with the Orcs, Tor-tus will lead you to the boat to take you home, after that you are on your own. On the road back to the Guild the party encounters an elder woman being attacked by wolves. The party saves her, she escapes with a few minor cuts and brusies but is other wise unharmed. When she discovers that you are from the Guild she will ask to join you, as she seeks the Guild and its library. She is a travler seeking information. She tell the party that her name is Lantry.

The Group escorts her to the Guild, they are greeted by Sally May Simperfi, she is pleased with their report and sends them on their way. They Are greeted by family and friends and asked to join them for dinner.

Galvanik will join his Aunt Zebina, where he wil regail them of tales of the Orcs.

Mercy and Verinas will be pulled to join their families for dinner by Sadron Werladal and Hemisphere. Hempisphere makes the annocement that she and Sadron are expecting their first child!

Agnete will invite Dave and Kiva to join her and Valerio Triolo.

After dinner everyone retries to their respective bed rooms, and while everyone is getting ready for bed, an explosion rocks the Guild. Upon investigation The tower belonging to Drataron Werladal has suffered major damage, the whole top floor is more or less in ruins. The party run to investigate, what they find is that someone had forced entry into the tower, injected Drataron with something which killed him. They speculate that his death was made to look like an accident since he was in the middle of learning a new spell.

During Drataron’s funeral, Agnete will mention that Valerio did not show up. When they go to investage, they find his throat slashed open and the bloody knife in his hand. Upon further investagation they find that, he too, was poisioned and his death was made to look like a suicide.

The group is suspcious of the stranger. They follow her, stick close to her, for nearly two weeks nothing happens. One day in the library, Lantry alerts the group to another death. Ridla, one of the older women of the guild is found crushed under a book shelf. the investigation reveals much of the same evidence, that she was poisioned before having the book shelf crush her. The party confronts the old women, revealing that she is controled by a long-ago thought dead foe, Qwuibe. They fight and destroy the necklace around Lantry’s neck. Upon the destruction of the wriath that inhabitted the necklace, Lantry’s form shifts to that of a young elven woman. Dave immdiately reconizes her as his long lost sister, Lindara Saeldur. With the Wriath destroyed the killings stop.


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